Meals and Drinks

As both a parent and a grandparent, I understand that you need to know your child has eaten well throughout the day. When my children were at school they were very well looked after but I felt that the meals they received weren’t always conducive to their cognitive and physical development.

Parents can be assured that every day, their children will be having meals prepared by highly skilled, professional Chefs. The three-week cyclic menu is arranged to provide variety both to children who attend nursery every day and to those who only visit on specific days each week. 

Details of our weekly menu can be found on our parent communications app ‘Famly’

We are delighted to use Hungry Monsters Nursery Catering for the children’s lunches. Hungry Monsters is owned and directed by Martin & Helen Schumacher, local Hampshire residents, who have 2 small children of their own.  Please take a look at their website at

Free range eggs and red tractor meats are used in Hungry Monsters nursery meals. Wherever possible the ingredients are sourced locally and Hungry Monsters have a proud association with Hampshire’s premier butcher, Upton’s of Bassett and The Fruit Basket in Gosport.

Salt is never added to our nursery meals and the majority of our puddings are fruit-based.

Hungry Monsters has a separate area of the kitchen for special meals. Special meals are prepared under stringent guidelines to eliminate any chances of cross-contamination and checked 5 times before being labelled and supplied to the children. 

Martin & Helen are fully aware of the challenges of family life, especially when trying to encourage small children to get their ‘5 a day’ when all they want is sweets and crisps! Sometimes it can be a real battle of wills, so it can be reassuring to know that the meals your child receives at Kidz Inc pack make a large contribution to their daily needs.

Please click to view a sample of one of the menus Click here

Milk and water are served at snack times and fresh water is available at all times during the day. Kindly note: Parents/carers are responsible for providing the relevant formula milk feeds for babies.

Named water bottle to be provided daily by parents.

Breakfast is served between 8.00am - 9.00am. Consequently, if you wish for your child to have breakfast you must have them in by 8.30/8.45 at the latest. This allows time for your child to finish eating and for us to clear away in time to start the daily activities at 9.00 (as outlined in our daily routine notified to OFSTED).

Numbers for lunch are taken at 10.30am. If your child is not in but you wish to bring them in for lunch time, then you must let us know by 10.25am at the latest.

We try to encourage a balanced and healthy diet in the nursery. This is very difficult if parents/carers allow their children to walk in with sweets, lollipops, fizzy drinks and crisps, especially if there isn’t enough to share with the other children! We would therefore, request that you save such treats for when your child is at home/outside of nursery.

Kidz Inc Ltd is a family run day nursery and pre-school located in Fareham within the College complex. 

We cater for 45 children with ages ranging from 3 months to 5 years.

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