At Kidz Inc Ltd we operate a healthy eating policy. All meals are prepared on site and cater for all dietary and cultural requirements.

Milk and water are served at snack times and fresh water is available at all times during the day.

Kindly note: Parents/carers are responsible for providing the relevant formula milk feeds for babies.

Excellent catering staff provide a full and varied menu of delicious, nutritious meals in our kitchen which have received a top 5 Rating on the Food Standards Agency Safe to Eat register.

Breakfast is served between 8.00am - 9.00am.

Consequently, if you wish for your child to have breakfast you must have them in by 8.30/8.45 at the latest. This allows time for your child to finish eating and for us to clear away in time to start the daily activities at 9.00 (as outlined in our daily routine notified to OFSTED).

Numbers for lunch are taken at 10.30am. If your child is not in but you wish to bring them in for lunch time, then you must let us know by

10.25am at the latest.

We try to encourage a balanced and healthy diet in the nursery. This is very difficult if parents/carers allow their children to walk in with sweets, lollipops, fizzy drinks and crisps, especially if there isn’t enough to share with the other children! We would therefore, request that you save such treats for when your child is at home/outside of nursery.

Details of our weekly menu can be found on the parents/carers information board.

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