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Meals and Drinks

Healthy foods for Healthy kids


Meals and drinks

As both a parent and a grandparent I understand that you need to know your child has eaten well throughout the day. When my children were at school they were very well looked after but I felt that the meals they received weren’t always conducive to their cognitive and physical development So when I started the nursery 14 years ago I began the practice of a 3 week rotating set menu so the children would get a wide variety of flavours, hidden vegetables and nutrition.

We are all so passionate about the food in our nursery; it is how I would cook for my own children and grandchildren. To me, and now to my daughter, showing that we care about the quality of the food is proof that we truly care about the children and their overall development. Its also an important socialising time and because we are a small setting we make sure the children eat in mixed age groups, with the older ones serving the food. It becomes a considerable part of their overall well being.

All our meals are cooked from scratch with quality ingredients. We also eat a lot of vegetarian meals and allergy free meals to complement the meat based meals. We try not to use processed food in our menus..

Last year we were over the moon to welcome our new chef, Joanne who came to us with a wealth of experience.

“I started my own catering business when my son was born, enabling me to be a full-time mum, whilst also working.

I adapted my buffet business into also running children’s cookery classed and parties as my now three children loved cooking.

As my children got older I added running Farmers Markets stalls, selling my own homemade produce. Last year my children finished Universities and got jobs, so my home was very quiet! I was delighted to have the opportunity to carry on my love of children and food in the lovely Kidz Inc Nursery.

I strongly believe in good nutrition and exercise being the foundation of a well-rounded life, We make sure that every day there are the recommended 5 portions of fruit and veg available, with our menus catering for at least 2 portions of fish per week. We also strive to keep salt, sugar and fat intake to a minimum.”


Our menus change in Autumn/Winter, Spring/Summer. They work on a 3 week rota to ensure variety. The menu clearly states how many fruit and vegetables are in each meal. Our aim is to offer at least 5 portions every day during meals and snacks.

Milk and water are served at snack times and fresh water is available at all times during the day.

Kindly note: Parents/carers are responsible for providing the relevant formula milk feeds for babies.

Excellent catering staff provide a full and varied menu of delicious, nutritious meals in our kitchen which has received a Food Hygiene Rating of 5 from the Food Standards Agency.



Breakfast is served between 8.00am - 9.00am.

Consequently, if you wish for your child to have breakfast you must have them in by 8.30/8.45 at the latest. This allows time for your child to finish eating and for us to clear away in time to start the daily activities at 9.00 (as outlined in our daily routine notified to OFSTED).



Numbers for lunch are taken at 10.30am. If your child is not in but you wish to bring them in for lunch time, then you must let us know by 10.25am at the latest.


Sweets and Snacks

We try to encourage a balanced and healthy diet in the nursery. This is very difficult if parents/carers allow their children to walk in with sweets, lollipops, fizzy drinks and crisps, especially if there isn’t enough to share with the other children! We would therefore, request that you save such treats for when your child is at home/outside of nursery.

Details of our weekly menu can be found on the parents/carers information board.

  • Kindly note: Parents/carers are responsible for providing the relevant formula milk feeds for babies.