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Clothing and Equipment

Safe and fun


Nursery clothing and equipment

At Kidz Inc Ltd, we like to ensure all of our children (and staff) have lots of fun!

We also like to encourage them to be as independent as possible, through activities such as dressing up games, sports activities, how to be healthy, quiet/sleep time and messy play. Hence, we need your support when sending your child to our nursery!


What children and staff like at Nursery

  • Easy to pull on/off clothes - especially when toilet training!
  • Shoes that can be taken off/put on independently - Velcro fastenings make a lovely noise!
  • Clothes that are allowed to get messy - we like to encourage our own budding designers!
  • Wellies - for splashing!
  • Hats, scarves and gloves - so that we can play outside at all times- as required by OFSTED
  • Coats that can be put on independently and get messy can be cleaned by ourselves.
  • A full set of spare clothes - extras if toilet training!
  • Extra tops/bottoms for babies – we like our babies to get messy as well!
  • Spare nappies, pull-ups, baby wipes and cream, if applicable
  • Bottles - already made up for babies
  • Dummies and other comforters
  • Sun hats and sun cream (minimum factor 25) for summer months

ALL BELONGINGS MUST BE CLEARLY LABELLED - yes, we know it’s a pink one – but 15 children have pink ones on today!



It is very distressing for a child (and staff) if a child’s new/favourite toy gets broken or lost. Therefore, we try to encourage children to leave their toys at home. This does not apply to ‘comforters’. Comforters are toys that are used for sleep/rest time. They must be clearly labelled and placed in your child’s cloth bag ready for us to take out as required.



Kidz Inc Ltd operate a ‘No Jewellery’ policy. However, if you feel strongly that your child needs to wear a piece of jewellery because it is part of your family culture, please see the Nursery Manager for a jewellery disclaimer form.

Kindly note: We take no responsibility for lost jewellery or any accident caused by the wearing of jewellery.