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Important Information

Things you need to know



Our Early Years Practitioners hold relevant qualifications ranging from an NVQ or equivalent to a Foundation Degree. Kidz Inc states there is an expectation for all staff to be committed to Continual Professional Development.



If your child has a high temperature, sickness and diarrhoea, or any other childhood illness, they must be kept at home until the symptoms have ceased. For sickness and diarrhoea your child must remain at home for at least 48 hours to minimise the risk of illness being passed on to babies, other children and staff.

If your child becomes unwell at nursery, we will contact you. If you cannot be contacted we will telephone your emergency contact and ask them to come and collect your child.

If you have any concerns regarding children’s illnesses, please see your Nursery Manager for details of signs/incubation periods etc.



If your child is on medication, please ask a staff member for a medication form.

Kindly note: We will only administer medication that is in its original container, not past its sell by date and as instructed by the doctor’s prescription. Please also note: we cannot be responsible for administering medicine at specific times.

If we feel your child will benefit from taking a dose of Calpol, we will contact you to gain authorisation to administer and to ensure that Calpol has not been given earlier.



All accidents or incidents must be recorded. If an accident/incident happens at home, please ask your Manager for an accident/incident form.

All of the staff at Kidz Inc Ltd are First Aid trained and know how to deal with any minor accidents or incidents. Consequently, if an accident happens at nursery, a staff member will complete an accident form for you and notify you when you collect your child. In the event of an emergency, you will be contacted immediately, advised of what action has been taken and any further action required.


Authorised absence

If your child is not sick or on holiday but will not be attending nursery, it would be appreciated if you could contact the nursery and inform the Manager.


Collection your child

In the interest of safety and with minimal distress to your child, Kidz Inc Ltd operate a ‘safe but strict’ collection procedure. We will only hand over your child to the main parent/carer, followed by the parent/carer’s partner, or next authorised person, as detailed in your registration document. Should you wish for someone else to collect your child, details must be clearly written in our Alternative Parents and Carers Collection Book. The authorised person will then be asked for proof of identification and the password, if relevant.


Child Protection

The staff at Kidz Inc Ltd have a duty to the children, parents/carers and other staff to act quickly and responsibly to any instance that may be brought to their attention, e.g. physical/emotional/sexual abuse, or neglect. Kidz Inc Ltd follows guidelines as set out by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board.



All documents and any private discussions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Should you wish to speak to someone in private, the nursery staff are clearly identifiable via their uniform/badges.



Kidz Inc aims to provide the highest quality of care and education for your child. However, we do take every complaint seriously and encourage the issue to be raised constructively. Please ask for a copy contact of our complaints procedure and contact the Director or Nursery Manager immediately.


Security and Protection

The nursery has a security door entry system and you and your child will be greeted by a member of staff on arrival.

The Nursery is also equipped with CCTV which monitors our entrance at all times.


Under 'Fees' 

Following the beginning of the term after your child's third birthday he or she will be entitled to claim 15 hours of free nursery care for 38 weeks of the year. Kidz Inc Ltd offer the option to stretch this entitlement over 51 weeks of the year so you can receive 11 free hours per week. Any additional hours used will then be charged at an hourly rate.


Under 'At Present' 

All Kidz Inc staff are First Aid trained to ensure the safety of your child.



We are delighted to offer all our children their own on-line Learning Journal. Parents and carers are given their own log-in using their email and password. Staff can then record and assess children linking to the EYFS curriculum, uploading photo or video media. Once saved and completed each observation is approved by the manager. An email is then automatically generated to parents/carers set up to that child’s account and they are informed that an observation has been added so they can view it and add any of their own comments to it.


Kidz Inc Ltd policies

As Day-care providers, Kidz Inc Ltd implements a number of policies, as outlined by OFSTED and other agencies. These are always readily available at all times.

Please see the Manager for these details.